Dentalum expands in Västerbotten and commences a collaboration with Cardo, Sandra and Carlen Toma through the acquisition of Tandcenter Umeå and Tandcenter Lövånger. Dentalum thereby consists of 29 clinics in nine regions in Sweden.

On September 31 2022, Dentalum commences its partnership with Cardo, Sandra and Carlen Toma and their team at Tandcenter Umeå and Tandcenter Lövånger, respectively. The clinics are well-positioned in the two cities and offer general dentistry, aesthetics, implant treatments and orthodontics with ClearCorrect.

”When we had decided to move from Umeå down to Norrköping, we were looking for a partner who could continue the work we had begun at the clinics in Västerbotten. With Dentalum, we got to learn that the clinics could not only continue to work as before in their decentralized structure, but also that the future development would be in line with our vision on quality dental care and service to patients. Dentalum also offers support to our new head of clinic in various types of business-related matters. A combination that felt perfect. When we then deepened our dialogues, I also realized that this is a partner that I want to work closer with. Therefore, we have decided to initiate a collaboration for our new clinics in Norrköping and Ljungsbro too, despite the fact that we are moving from Umeå,”, says Cardo Toma, founder of Tandcenter Umeå and Tandcenter Lövånger.

”It is a very exciting collaboration that we now have the pleasure to start together with Cardo, Sandra and Carlen. All three have shown evidence of entrepreneurship, accuracy in their work and sound core values ​​in building their corporate culture and we are happy to continue the journey together with them and all employees at the clinics. The fact that Cardo also has a strong drive for continued expansion together with Dentalum makes the collaboration feel even more thrilling”, says Dentalum’s CEO Max Dorthé Ladow.