From January 27, 2023, Jens Bruno, Dentalum’s CFO, will leave his employment and thereby also Dentalum’s executive management. As of today, the company’s former CFO, Sofi Eriksson, will take the role as acting CFO. The company has inititated a recruitment process for a new CFO.

Dentalum’s CFO, Jens Bruno, leaves the company for new challenges. Sofi Eriksson, Executive Advisor and former CFO of Dentalum, will take the role of acting CFO until a permanent CFO has been recruited.

After the change, the company’s management is comprised of:

  • Max Dorthé Ladow, CEO
  • Marcus Ladow, Head of M&A
  • Sofi Eriksson, Acting CFO and Executive Advisor
  • Matts Tannerfeldt, COO
  • Daniel Krüger, Chief People and Culture Officer
  • Marianne Forsell, Chief Dental Officer