Dentalum acquires TandCity Sweden AB

On December 29, 2022, Dentalum commenced its partnership with Alexander Johansson and his team at TandCity Sweden AB in  Malmö. The clinic offers general dental care, implant surgery and cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and orthodontic treatments with Invisalign.

”For some time now, I have been planning to return to Sweden and to work at the clinic in Malmö. When Dentalum contacted me, I realized that there was an opportunity to become part of an exciting journey and at the same time remain responsible for operating the clinic. I am driven by entrepreneurship and have always had many ventures, where dental care has always been in focus of my projects. Being able to continue developing the business while doing it together with Dentalum feels incredibly motivating.”, says the founder of TandCity Sweden, Alexander Johansson.

”It is very exciting to welcome Alexander and his team at TandCity to Dentalum. Alexander is a true entrepreneur and his drive and commitment for high-quality dental care is really inspiring. We are proud to expand to our tenth region in Sweden through the partnership with TandCity and we look forward to continuously improve and develop together on our journey ahead.”, says Dentalum’s CEO Max Dorthé Ladow.

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Dentalum Operations AB (publ) publishes half year report, January -June 2022

Second quarter, April – June 2022

  • Operating revenue increased by 72.8 % to SEK 85.8 million (49.7).
  • EBITDA amounted to SEK 24.4 million (12.6)
  • Net earnings amounted to SEK 4.8 million (-0.4).
  • Operating cash flow amounted to SEK 25.3 million (12.6). Net cash flow totalled SEK – 46.7 million (-64.0).
  • Total equity amounts to SEK 262.0 million (101.5), cash balance of SEK 198.6 million (110.5) and interest-bearing debt of SEK 397.7 million (300.3).
  • During the period Dentalum acquired three (3) clinics with annual revenue of SEK 81 million.
  • Dentalum strengthened the team with the recruitment of Matts Tannerfeldt as COO.
  • The Annual General Meeting re-elected Mikael Lönn, Robin Rutili and Marcus Ladow as members of Board of the Directors as well as to elect Gunilla Öhman and Lars Kvarnsund as new members. Mikael Lönn was appointed as Chairman of the Board.

First six months, January – June 2022

  • Operating revenue increased by 78 % to SEK 191.6 million (107.9).
  • Net earnings for the first six months amounted to SEK 8.2 million (-3.8).
  • Cash flows from operations amounted to SEK 29.3 million (19.1). Net cash flow totalled SEK – 71.0 million (- 70.9).

Significant Events after the reporting period

  • Dentalum expanded in the north of Sweden via the acquisitions of Skellefteå Tandvård’s two clinics and Tandcenter Umeå and Lövånger
  • Dentalum acquired NOVO Dental in Sundbyberg, Stockholm.

“Dentalum’s operating revenue in Q2 amounted to 105 MSEK, which is an increase by 23% compared to Q1. The Group EBITDA increased by 16%, amounting to 24 MSEK. Our 24 clinics generated on pro forma basis revenues of 409 MSEK with an EBITDA of 102 MSEK, yielding a healthy EBITDA-margin of 25%.

Step by step we are building Dentalum towards our vision to become a leading dental group with a world class organisation.”, says CEO Max Dorthé Ladow in a comment

Dentalum Operations AB (publ) publishes half year report, January -June 20222024-06-20T00:20:51+01:00

Dentalum Operations AB (publ) publicerar delårsrapport för andra kvartalet 2022

Andra kvartalet, april – juni 2022

  • Rörelseintäkterna ökade med 72,8 % till 85,8 MSEK (49,7).
  • EBITDA uppgick till 24,4 MSEK (12,6)
  • Nettoresultatet uppgick till 4,8 miljoner kronor (-0,4).
  • Operativt kassaflöde uppgick till 25,3 MSEK (12,6). Nettokassaflödet uppgick till – 46,7 MSEK (-64,0).
  • Totalt eget kapital uppgår till 262,0 MSEK (101,5), kassabehållning till 198,6 MSEK (110,5) och räntebärande skulder till 397,7 MSEK (300,3).
  • Dentalum har under perioden förvärvat tre (3) kliniker med en årlig omsättning på 81 MSEK.
  • Dentalum förstärkte teamet med rekryteringen av Matts Tannerfeldt som COO.
  • Årsstämman omvalde Mikael Lönn, Robin Rutili och Marcus Ladow till styrelseledamöter samt att välja Gunilla Öhman och Lars Kvarnsund till nya ledamöter. Mikael Lönn utsågs till styrelsens ordförande.

Första sex månaderna 2022

  • Rörelseintäkterna ökade med 78 % till 191,6 MSEK (107,9).
  • Nettoresultatet för första halvåret uppgick till 8,2 MSEK (-3,8).
  • Kassaflödet från den löpande verksamheten uppgick till 29,3 MSEK (19,1). Nettokassaflödet uppgick till – 71,0 MSEK (- 70,9).

Väsentliga händelser efter rapportperiodens utgång

  • Dentalum expanderade i norra Sverige genom förvärven av Skellefteå Tandvårds två kliniker samt Tandcenter Umeå och Lövånger
  • Dentalum förvärvar NOVO Dental i Sundbyberg, Stockholm.

”Dentalums rörelseintäkter under Q2 uppgick till 105 MSEK, vilket är en ökning med 23% jämfört med Q1. Koncernens EBITDA ökade med 16% och uppgick till 24 MSEK. Våra 24 kliniker genererade på proformabasis intäkter på 409 MSEK med en EBITDA på 102 MSEK, vilket ger en hälsosam EBITDA-marginal på 25%.

Steg för steg bygger vi Dentalum i linje med vår vision att bli en ledande dentalkoncern med en organisation i världsklass.”, säger vd Max Dorthé Ladow i en kommentar

Dentalum Operations AB (publ) publicerar delårsrapport för andra kvartalet 20222024-06-20T00:20:51+01:00
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